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Pre-curved shoulder plates are directly attached to a large center plate which runs down the entire length of the chest protector. Curved shoulders hold the chest protector in the proper position, protecting the sternum, and also prevent the chest protector from sagging. The vertical ventilation break points allow for a wrap around feel while keeping the chest protector stiff for dispersing impacts All plates on the CPU4000 are either riveted together or connected with a durable coated nylon band. When plates are impacted, no one plate will take the entire impact. Instead, the force will be transferred throughout the rest of the chest protector spreading the impact over a larger surface area. All rivets are stainless steel and rust proof. Unique plate design on bottom edge extends on the sides, following the contour of an umpire's ribs. The 12 inch length chest protector will cover your ribs like a 13 inch. Two long strips of UltraCool™ multi layer padding run up the sides and over the shoulders. The padding is removable and machine washable. An air channel runs through the center of CPU4000 for maximum air circulation. The harness is an umpire specific DeltaFlex™ four point adjustable harness. A neoprene center triangle connects all the harness straps, evenly distributes pressure, and keeps the chest protector snug and in place.

Model Numbers: - 12 Inch Length: CPU4000:S - 15 Inch Length: CPU4000:L

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